Premiere: Kincaid – More Good Than Bad

Contrasted against Kincaid’s most recent 12” on Well Street, with its tightly coiled energy and elastic bounce, the subdued interiority of More Good Than Bad is striking. There’s the same keen ear and careful attention applied to sound design on both records, the introspective slant of this new EP foregrounds it. While there are frissons of rhythmic excitement, like the tensile beat of ‘Sudden Shifts In Perspective’ and the gauzy bass hits of ‘Stretching Distance’, most of the EP is a gentle appliqué of sounds. Snatches of synthesis and samples blur together in a way that makes discerning the source almost impossible; metallic whirrs intermeshed with natural susurrus.

The titular ‘More Good Than Bad’ is the EP’s coda. It’s replete with synthetic chirrups and a deep, organ-like swell that feels like sun streaming through the canopy of a forest. What sounds like footsteps treading through leaves takes on an uncanny spatiality, like someone circling around you, as it’s panned around the stereo field. The track is like a glimpse into a fully realised interior world, which, as a description, extends to the EP as a whole.

More Good Than Bad will be released on Grid Records on April 29th.

Stamp The Wax · Kincaid – More Good Than Bad (STW Premiere)

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