Day 7: Nandele feat. Ha_kwai – Boca

Day 7 of our 2020 charity Advent Calendar, in aid of You Make It & Project Protect.

Mozambican producer Nandele Maguni has built up quite the chameleonic portfolio over the last few years; whether it’s his own productions for release, edits and remixes of others; an audiovisual project or a theatrical or contemporary dance soundtrack. There is no disputing his accomplished versatility.

Today’s track is the result of a studio session between Nandele and Portugues producer Ha_kwai, an expansive 12-minute exploration of chugging hypnotic electronica. Layers of dubby sonic fibre create a lulling soundscape where one can almost picture increasing movement and bustle over a city skyline on a hazy morning.

“Boca means mouth in Portuguese, I first created the track for a contemporary dance piece called Teka (Take it in Shangani) and there is a segment in the piece that we called ‘Boca’ just for reference. Ha_Kwai a Portuguese producer saw the premiere of Teka in Maputo (Mozambique). He liked the sonics of it and suggested we should collaborate on the track. We produced the track together in a studio session on Kongoloti Records. It was the two of us jamming to ideas and recording it in real-time, actually, we were performing the track and recorded it. Every layer was added in real-time. When the session ended we had a 30min track so we had to cut it short. I think Ha_kwai still has the 30min version somewhere.”

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This year we’ve chosen to split profits from the release between two charities, both of whom are doing important work within their respective fields.

The first charity is London-based organisation You Make It, a creative programme that offers young women access to tools, networks and experiences — group learning, 1-1 mentoring, work experience, start-up support and 1-1 pastoral support — giving them the confidence to transform their lives through personal empowerment.

The second is Nigeria-based initiative Project Protect, a subdivision of Burna Boy’s charitable NGO The Reach, launched to help provide financial, medical and legal resources for EndSars protestors during and after the protests.

Check the below playlist for all tracks in our Calendar.

Artwork across the series by Mark Grieg.

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