Premiere: 30/70 – Tempted (Maxwell Owin Remix)

For several years, the connection between SE16 and Melbourne has gone from strength to strength thanks to Peckham mainstay Rhythm Section. Last year they continued their fruitful relationship with their spiritual home down under, with an LP from jazz and R&B outfit 30/70, the second release on the label following 2018’s Elevations.

Fluid Motion saw the band soar into higher realms, their soul-tinged creations shifting between celestial jazz and neo-soul, tipping the hat to their UK influences that manifest through syncopated broken beat rhythms, a sonic dub aesthetic and the urgency of UK Grime.

To strengthen this northern/southern hemisphere bond even further, Rhythm Section have enlisted key players in each respective music scene to put their own spin on a selection of tracks on the LP. Expanding on the eclecticism of the original Fluid Motion: Remixed brings together label affiliates SAUL, SE duo Athlete Whippet, Tasmania’s Close Counters, beatmaker Setwun and “the Dilla of Deptford” Maxwell Owin, who chops up ‘Tempted’ with a driving tempo, crisp drum patterns and seductive whispers.

Fluid Motion: Remixed is out now – grab your copy.

Stamp The Wax · 30/70 – Tempted (Maxwell Owin Blind Faith Remix) (STW Premiere)

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