Premiere: Tenderlonious – Impressions

London-based multi-instrumentalist Tenderlonious has always been on a search for something deeper. New experiences and new collaborations have been formative to his musical journey and his evolution as an artist.

While reminiscing about his previous trip to Poland and his work with jazz septet EABS and Astigmatic Records, the idea was floated around about heading over to Lahore in Pakistan, a musical path first planted in his mind during his father’s secondments to the East as a Ghurkha Officer and further cemented after hearing the North Indian Classical flautist Ronu Majumdar’s ‘Raga Mangal Bhairav’.

This dream became a reality in April 2019 when Tenderlonious, accompanied by Astigmatic and synth-player Marek Pędziwiatr, travelled over to Lahore to collaborate with Jaubi, an instrumental quartet based in the city. Some of the fruits of these recordings sessions make up the three spiritual and immersive ragas heard on 22a‘s Tender In Lahore, the rest of which will be released on a new Jaubi album on Astigmatic Records later this year.

Matching rich improvisations with complex rhythmic patterns and beautiful strings courtesy of Jaubi’s Kashif Ali Dhani and Zohaib Hassan Khan, our pick ‘Impressions’ is a pure raga, similar to the one that Tenderlonious first heard Majumdar play, and a scale that he has continued to return to back home.

Tender In Lahore will be released on 29th May via 22a Recordings.

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