2019 Advent Calendar – Boxing Day Bundle

Day 26 of our 2019 charity Advent Calendar, in aid of War Child.

Our featured charity for 2019 is War Child, whose work in post-conflict zones is done a bit differently. They recognise humans need more than just food and shelter to flourish after a war, breaking the cycle that leads to repeated conflicts by giving them purpose, education and cultural enrichment. The dance floor has long-since been a safe space for the displaced, marginalised and persecuted to find community and expression. Safe Spaces represent the core of War Child’s work, providing vital refuge for young people to play, learn and regain their childhood.

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Aan Zee – Zazee

Nine minutes of undulating, psychedelic disco from Aan Zee (meaning: On The Sea), a multi-instrumentalist and producer based in Amsterdam and founding member of new online radio station Nice Radio.

“Zazee is one of the ‘hand made’ disco/funk tracks I’ve been making at home on my own for a while now. I do it because I love it and I don’t have the time or resources to assemble a live band (plus, live bands are a major pain in the ass). The intro is a long hypnotic dirge meant to cleans the listener’s sonic palette before launching into an aggressive and melodic porn-funk with unexpected variations to give DJs some breaks and build ups. All together, I like to think of these tracks and their production as a sort of “Library Music” or, stock music from a bygone era; demonstrations of grooves and funky states of mind to be used at the consumers discretion.”

Comfy Bella – Them Knights

Soulful deep house from the Moodymann handbook, penned by musician, DJ and producer Comfy Bella.

Darling – Feathered

Brooding, atmospheric house with a driving bassline from Amsterdam-based producer Darling, a regular on Young Marco’s Safe Trip label.

“This bassline always gives me a positive vibe!”

Förslag På Musik – Moonmilk

Slumberous electronic boogie full of Nordic idiosyncrasies from the Stockholm producer signed to Sunken Rock Recordings.

“Lately I’ve been having problems falling asleep because I can’t wait to go to the studio in the morning. I’m experiencing a light and smooth creative process in the dark nordic winter time. I just turn on the machines and sit by watching and listening as they make music. I wanted to create a track for War Child that was quite empty so the space in the song could be filled with my positive energy. I used a syncussion, 707 and the Korg M1. Big thanks to LOPAZZ for Mastering.

King Clyde – Wants Not Needs

Dusty synth funk with West African influences from DNCN, band-leader of Ruf Kutz signed Manchester group See Thru Hands, who return to London on 7th Feb.

“This is part of a project (named after my parents dog – RIP x) i decided to make just because i wanted to. Roughly 23 tracks in about a 3 month period, then I got on with starting See Thru Hands and kind of forgot to do anything with it. I should probably revisit more of this stuff.”

Check the below playlist for all tracks in our Calendar.

Artwork across the series by Jodie Haines.

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