Day 19: Sven Atterton – Draw Back

We’ve always marvelled at Omega Supreme and Cruise Club regular Sven Atterton’s masterful skills on the bass guitar. ‘Draw Back’ is another fine example; sparse, low strung funk that serves as a reminder that sometimes we need to sit back, breathe and take it easy.

“Sometimes I find it difficult to remember exactly where my head was whilst writing some songs, and other times I can recall every emotion behind each note. On this particular track I remember first trying to find an unconventional sound for the bassline. I used a choir patch as well as a slapped bass part. I over dubbed a third slap bass part which sits in a similar register as the synth melody. The organ part suggests a slightly morose, dreamy feel. The guitar solo at the end is a one take depiction of what I was honestly feeling at the time. I wanted to convey the feeling of ‘everything is going to be ok’; confirmation that sometimes we all just need to sit back and exhale sometimes.”

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Our featured charity for 2019 is War Childwhose work in post-conflict zones is done a bit differently. They recognise humans need more than just food and shelter to flourish after a war, breaking the cycle that leads to repeated conflicts by giving them purpose, education and cultural enrichment.

The dance floor has long-since been a safe space for the displaced, marginalised and persecuted to find community and expression. Safe Spaces represent the core of War Child’s work, providing vital refuge for young people to play, learn and regain their childhood.

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Artwork across the series by Jodie Haines.

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