Day 18: Maelstrom – Petrichor (Coyote Dub Remix)

Is It Balearic? Recordings’ co-founders Timm Sure and Richard Hampson AKA Ampo met during the 90s through their residencies at Nottingham’s legendary “Venus” club and began their voyage into production under the name Coyotote in 2004. Their signature touch is encapsulated on today’s offering – a dubbed-out percussive cut punctuated by melancholy keys and echoing chants.

“This remix of Maelstrom’s ‘Petrichor’ was one of our first remixes. It encapsulates everything that Coyote are about. Elements of Dub, Rastafari, Acid house, melancholy pianos. Tribal chants and delays. It is still one of the favourite things we’ve done. It was nearly put out on Eskimo if I remember rightly but never saw the light of day. Always a big Soundcloud fav. There was definitely an element of squidgy black involved in proceeding back in those heady days a decade or so ago. Glad to have it getting a new lease of life. Thanks to Maelstrom too.”

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Our featured charity for 2019 is War Childwhose work in post-conflict zones is done a bit differently. They recognise humans need more than just food and shelter to flourish after a war, breaking the cycle that leads to repeated conflicts by giving them purpose, education and cultural enrichment.

The dance floor has long-since been a safe space for the displaced, marginalised and persecuted to find community and expression. Safe Spaces represent the core of War Child’s work, providing vital refuge for young people to play, learn and regain their childhood.

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Artwork across the series by Jodie Haines.

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