Day 16: Night Tapes – Data Waterfall

Day 16 of our 2019 charity Advent Calendar, in aid of War Child.

Lo-fi psychedelia with a triumphant apex from Night Tapes, a London three-piece made up of Max, Richie, and Iiris. This donation follows up their debut EP, released on Breaker Breaker last August.

“Data Waterfall started life as an ambient jam recorded to tape in Max’s room. Over time projects like this will usually bounce between the three of us, spreading into different rooms and picking up new melodies and ideas along the way. Gradually, as the bulk of the initial recording erodes away, a coherent song will take shape. The meaning and shape of Data Waterfall really only came together towards the end of this process. It’s a song about dealing with progress – what you lose to the past but also what you gain as you grow older in the age of the internet.”

Download & donate.

Our featured charity for 2019 is War Childwhose work in post-conflict zones is done a bit differently. They recognise humans need more than just food and shelter to flourish after a war, breaking the cycle that leads to repeated conflicts by giving them purpose, education and cultural enrichment.

The dance floor has long-since been a safe space for the displaced, marginalised and persecuted to find community and expression. Safe Spaces represent the core of War Child’s work, providing vital refuge for young people to play, learn and regain their childhood.

Check the below playlist for all tracks in our Calendar.

Artwork across the series by Jodie Haines.

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