Premiere: François N’Gwa – N’Kene

For their first release, French label Into The Deep Treasury hone in on the work of Gabonese musician François N’Gwa. After tracking him down with the help of writer Cheryl Tanda, the label met François in Paris to discuss releasing some of his work, in particular several recordings inspired by his homeland of Gabon. Active since the early 1980s, François is a man of many talents, working with various instruments both electronic and acoustic to create a distinct blend of traditional Gabonese influences and contemporary inspirations like soul, pop and jazz.

The selection of tracks on Ogooué are an emotional and personal tribute to his home and the main river of Gabon; symbolising his love for landscapes and nature. Our pick ‘N’Kene’ is a beautiful blend of influences that represents François’ approach to making music; warm pads glow and traditional wind instruments dance over the top heartened by his deep, strong vocals.

Ogooué will be released on 25th November – grab your copy from Into The Deep Treasury.

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