Dig Deeper: 5 Moroccan tips at Moga Festival away from the headliners

On one of the western-most points of Morocco sits the Atlantic port of Essaouira. A city steeped in enough history to attract attention from Game of Thrones as a location, it’s recently had a turn towards bohemia, with its wide, wind-swept beaches making it a surfing hotspot in North Africa. Moga Festival drifts to shore for its fourth year this month, welcoming an international programme of DJs including Bradley Zero, Bosaina, Folamour, Kenny Dope and Terreke. Here we focus on the local talent there’re supporting, with five Moroccan tips away from the headliners.

Moga Festival runs 11th-13th October in Essaouira, Morocco. 


Rabat-born, Paris-based DJ Manar Fegro a.k.a GLITTERڭليثر٥٥ merges futuristic techno textures with the chaabi music of her family heritage, winning fans from Rinse France and Trax Magazine.


Marouane Ghabri a.k.a MAOU is a Casablanca-based DJ who has enveloped himself in the deep and dark techno tones of Detroit and Berlin, then deeper still into the guttural, off-kilter sounds of labels like Warp, Hessle Audio and APRON.


MR ID is a Casablanca-based producer who concocts an emotive blend of gnawa singing within a house framework that resembles the sounds blowing up in South Africa. He first blipped on our radar back in 2017 with a track for Boddhi Satva’s Offering Recordings, working with female singer Kawtar Sadik and integrating sounds of the gimbri (bass) and krakebs (handheld symbols). In the two years since we premiered ‘Salat Ala Nabina’ it’s clocked up over 700,000 plays on Youtube and made Mr ID once of Morocco’s best loved house producers.


Noritsu is a France-based DJ, singer and filmmaker born of Moroccan heirtage, taking a freestyle approach to chronicling french culture with sounds and spirits from around the world. Visual projects include MC Rene for Peripherique Records and J.Lamotta on Jakarta, while her own DJing reaches as far as her travels have taken her: bossa, jazz, italo disco, raï and soul.


OJOO GYAL is one of the many personas of a young anonymous artist from Meknes in north-central Morocco. Strongly influenced by Memphis rap, her style is provocative and avant-garde, mixing dancehall, dub, dubstep, grime, techno and Gqom.

Moga Festival runs 11th-13th October in Essaouira, Morocco. 

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