Monday Morning Mixtape 268

Credit: Ref54

Soak in waves of 2017 Afro-samba and 70s New Jersey jazz to 1980 J-pop and 2014 Los Angeles vaporwave.

Welcome to another Monday and another mix to soothe you into the rest of your week. This weeks mix is curated by vocalist and producer Elli. Born in Greece and based in London, Elli is currently writing and producing her first solo project, which takes cues from trip hop, synth pop and contemporary electronic music.

In her own words: “A mellow walk under the sun starting with an unreleased track of mine and passing through different continents, eras and settings.

I have been listening to the MMM for years so I wanted to make it really special. The opening track was inspired by the mood of the MMM series and I threw some new and old favourites in the mix. It’s a pleasure to contribute to the series, hope you enjoy the stroll.”

Elli – Daydream (unreleased)
The Roger Webb Sound – Moon Bird (1971)
The Sopwith Camel – Fazon (1973)
吉田美奈子 – Tornado (1980)
Luedji Luna – Um Corpo no Mundo (2017)
Twin Peaks clip
Horace Silver – Señor Blues (1956)
Common – Resurrection (1994)
Curtis Mayfield – Pusherman (1988)
Mark Barrott – Cirrus and Cumulus (2016)
Blood Orange: ‘Something to Do (2019)
Flying Lotus – Auntie’s Lock/Infinitum feat. Laura Darlington
Moses Sumney – Man on the Moon (2017)
Μαρία Δημητριάδη – Ένα πρωινό (1992 )
Don Cherry – Universal Mother (1977)
Yussef Dayes X Alfa Mist – Love Is The Message (2018)


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