Premiere: Night Tapes – Dream

London is a city like no other. As much as it’s one of the most exciting and vibrant places to live in the world, there is no other city that makes you feel like you also need to escape it from time to time. Yet you leave and a few days later you need to return; such is the mythical power that London holds over its inhabitants.

South London band Night Tapes explore this theme on their debut tape release for Breaker BreakerDream Forever In Glorious Stereo, a three-tracker inspired by their experiences of finding peace in a sleepless city. Blending electronic production with vocals and live instrumentation, their wistful take on shoegaze and dream-pop is both melancholic and energetic, and symbolic of their wavering love affair with the city they call home.

Dream Forever In Glorious Stereo will be released on 23rd August via Breaker Breaker’s Bandcamp.

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