Premiere: Lapassenkoff – Bossi Le Bosseman

While ESG, Arthur Russell & Co. were rewriting the disco handbook in downtown 80s New York, a trio in Lyon were taking notes and cooking their own blend, informed by the burgeoning new wave movement of their central European neighbours. Lapassenkoff only released two albums before fading into obscurity so Décalé Records’ efforts to resurrect them with a retrospective compilation exhibit a consummate band grossly under appreciated.

Shing & Tsé (combining the titles of both albums Shing a Ling and Tsé Tsé) has been assembled in partnership with the bandmates Robert Lapassade, Jacky Yantchenkoff and Franck Benattar, bringing together work from the two aforementioned LPS, plus their remaining 10 inches and unreleased originals and edits. From euro-house to electro boogie and left-leaning disco, it’s a wondrously diverse collection; the kind of odd-ball pop championed by Music From Memory, Versatile and Efficient Space. Listen to our pick below.

Shing & Tsé it out now and limited to 100 pressings. Buy from Bandcamp.

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