Premiere: Elektro Hafiz – Mega Hafıza 2 (Grup Ses Acid Cut)

Producer Grup Ses, one of the leading figures on the Istanbul beats scene, has teamed up with electric-saz player Elektro Hafiz for a double LP influenced by their Anatolian roots. Landing on Zel Zele, the London-based imprint run by DJs Debora and Ece, the double LP employs a host of different influences meandering through psychedelic grooves, hip hop beats and deep electronica.

Today’s premiere is a spin on Elektro Hafiz’s opening track ‘Mega Hafıza 2’. Chugging along at a similar pace to the original, Grup Ses strips out Hafiz’s electric-saz melody, instead adding a squelchy acid line that twists it into a deep dubbed-out affair.

Varyete will be released on 5th July on Zel Zele – pre-order your copy

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