Praise You: A Shinichi Atobe tribute mix by Prins Thomas

Shinichi Atobe – Butterfly Effect (DDS, 2014)

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Enigmatic Japanese producer Shinichi Atobe evokes a range of sensations in his music that few others can.

Whether he’s listened to in headphones on a long journey, on the sofa on a lazy Sunday, deep into an afters or during a peak time reprieve, the rich, vivid strokes of his heady work has equal power to relax, heal, move, energise, envelop and flaw. The patient and repeated cycles of tension and release that coat his work may find company in Basic Channel, Burial, Yagya and Mr Fingers, but the emotional experience of a Shinichi Atobe submersion is completely singular.

Another scholar of patient tension-building in electronic music, Prins Thomas included Atobe in the footnote homage of his sixth album, Ambitions, alongside luminaries from all sounds and ages. As a mark of how much Atobe’s work has impacted on his own, Thomas has paid tribute with an hour mix and a few words.

“Every now and then I’ve been toying with the idea of doing (for my personal enjoyment) a mixtape made exclusively from one artist’s work, something to listen to uninterrupted and a chance to listen to music I know well in a new context and setting.

Although house and techno in general are often better suited on the dance floor there’s certain artists within that genre whose work creates their own
space where the genre or format is irrelevant. For me, Basic Channel is one of them, Ricardo Villalobos would make for an interesting one and Shinichi Atobe is definitely in there too.

I wasn’t aware of his stuff until Butterfly Effect came out five years ago but quickly caught up with the reissues and releases DDS did and his records have been on constant repeat since either at home, in the clubs, in mixes or through Spotify when I’ve been travelling.

Although his music is definitely best presented in the raw form, I thought it would be a fun challenge to bridge together some of my favourites and see if I could come up with something worth accompanying a short drive out of town, a long commute to work etc.

The mix was made in the studio and several of the tracks have been edited, pitch-shifted and/or altered to benefit the mix. The tracklist is the order but some tracks do re-appear throughout the mix.”

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