Premiere: Mavi Güneş 69 – Yafta

While couples, as or within bands, have been a well documented strand in the history of music makers – and the dynamic of which is often a core part of their artist narrative – it’s safe to say that it doesn’t necessarily guarantee a straight forward or easily compartmentalised result. Think Stereolab’s central pair, fusing myriad genres to create what critics could only lazily categorise as ‘post rock’ as there was often so much to unpick. Similarly the unlikely cult clubbing hero’s, Lime, a husband and wife duo who looked like cookie-cutter 80s Canadian suburbanites, creating genre-defining Hi-NRG records that rocked underground gay clubs and broke through to score international success.

Welcome then, the newest couple to this curious club, Turkish-natives Mavi Güneş 69. Formed by Osman Murat Ertel, frontman and co-founder of Istanbul’s cult psychedelic folk band BaBa ZuLa, together with his partner Esma Ertel, a songwriter, singer and dancer, Mavi Güneş 69 blend ancient folk tales and theremin wig-outs with analogue electronics and psychedelic jazz.

Their debut single ‘Yafta’ marks the second release on Ece and Debora’s fresh imprint Zel Zele following a reissue of 70’s synth drenched jazz-funker, Bermuda Şeytan Ücgeni by Ümit Aksu Orkestrası. On today’s premiere industrial electronics meet Anatolian rhythms, infused with a punk attitude to create mesmerising reverb-smothered funk, all ratcheted up in an endless echo chamber. Oh, and then their young sons join them on the cosmic trip. Categorise this at your peril.

3 Çember / Yafta will be released on 26th April. Pre-order from Zel Zele.

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