Premiere: Good Block – Jungle Fly

Originating on the London underground party circuit, Good Block boasts a band of five close friends at its core; honourable promoters and residents. With four years of musical exploits behind them, they have welcomed an array of special guests through their doors; Jon K, Nick The Record, James Tiller and Bradley Zero to name but a few. Doused in eclecticism, a new venture ensues for the Good Block boys, continuing to push their collective tastes to the wider sphere with their new EP, ‘4 Corners’.

Inaugural track ‘Jungle Fly’ delivers just as the name would suggest, a journey through the soaring heights of thick amazonian jungle, on the back of a Pterodactyl, perhaps? Among rhythms and melodies comprising raw wildlife samples and instrumentation, a short and intermittent verse provides the hook. As the track develops, so does our journey; a highly pleasurable and deeply insightful flight through the musical hustle and bustle of the jungle.

4 Corners will be released on 15 March – pre-order from Bandcamp.

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