Premiere: Elektro Hafiz – Lübodisko

Over the last 20 years Elektro Hafiz has been carving out a reputation as a musician not bound by rules. Opting for stark contrasts and at times contradicting styles, his compositions feel fresh, pushing boundaries that others fear to cross — it’s a sound he’s coined as “Turkish Elektro Baglama Power”. 

Today we premiere the official video for ‘Lübodisko’, a fusion of Anatolian rock and psychedelia, taken from Hafiz’s second album Saz Power, released on Ironhand. The video, directed by artist Gizem Güvendağ, is symbolic of being in limbo, the character’s dancing acting as a medium to express freedom and rebel against oppression and torment. 

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Video credits
Director, Animation: Gizem Güvendağ
Video Producer: Tobias Kreusler
Dancers: Dany Mba, Merih Özyıldız, Lea von Prondzinski
Studio: Wir machen Film- Köln
Music, electric saz, electric guitar, recording: Elektro Hafız
Synthbass: Tobias Kreusler
Darbouka: Güntuğ Eren
Drums: Sebastian Pathé
Keyboard: Ceyhan Kocabıyık
Mixing: Denizer Özveren
Mastering: Hamit Akbay
Thanks to: Peter Schüttemeyer, Cem Seftalicioğlu, Özge Gökçek, Feddich&Ab, Debora Ipekel.
© 2018 Ironhand Records

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