Premiere: MADMADMAD – Want Me

MADMADMAD are seeking liberation through dance and hedonism. Backed by their own personal manifesto, the London via France trio describe themselves as an ‘expression of their individual alienations and our mental disorder as a society’. Inspired by 1970s no wave, disco and post-punk, their debut album on S.T.A.C Records is a complete genre minefield. Think the dance-punk edge of ESG meets the left-field experimentalism of Golden Teacher.

The result of jam sessions in their council estate flat-cum-homemade recording studio, the album has the unique feeling of straddling both past and future. Our premiere, ‘Want Me’, is one of many gems on the album – rhythmic disco-punk offset by gritty guitars and fizzing synths. Keep a watchful eye on these lot, their manifesto is sure to win many over.

MADMADMAD will be released on March 22nd. Preorder your copy.

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