Monday Morning Mixtape 233


Credit: Spiros Vathis

Float from 1977 silky smooth Chicago soul to 1974 all-female African funk and 1976 uplifting Christian gospel.

This week is curated by Born Cheating, a London-based DJ and amateur theologian that runs the record label Tiff’s Joints. He’s also part of the city’s Touching Bass collective and plays in the psy-noise group Lunch Money.

In his own words: “I start and finish this mix in the same way I like to start and finish every day, with some good old fashioned God ranting and Jesus chanting. In between that is a whole load of beautiful secular music that will help take your mind off the impending final judgment.”

D.J. Rogers – Jesus Chant
Marcio Monterroyo – Introduction
Azymuth – Morning
Regeneration – Travelling Man
Tony Hymas, Frank Ricotti & Stan Sulzman – The City Never Sleeps
Windy City – Let Me Ride
Wilbert Longmire – Starflight
Les Hurdle & Frank Ricotti – Progress with Percussion
Herbie Hancock – Sun Touch
Ramsey Lewis – Brasilica
Anthony Watson – I Can’t Stop This Feeling
The Mgababa Queens – Akulalwa Esoweto
Pastor T.L. Barrett – After The Rain
Djavan – Fato Consumado
Sandra Sa – Pé de Meia
Azanyah – Guiding Light

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