Day 20: I:Cube – Turquoise

Day 20 of our 2018 charity Advent Calendar, in aid of Julie’s BicycleListen to all this year’s donations.

Seal the hatch and head to the depths. With its sonar pops and dolphin call synths, there can be little doubt that the ‘Turquoise’ of the title is referring to a subaquatic world, located somewhere on I:Cube’s curious sonic map.

It’s been a prolific year for the French veteran. Dropping solo EPs galore, joining forces again with long term pal Gilb’R as Chateau Flight and delivering two of the year’s best remixes for Smith & Mudd and Future Four. Yet, here we are in December and the magic continues to flow from his land of make believe.

“I sometimes make some tracks without thinking too much and enjoy watching them build up by themselves,” he says on the process behind this one, though Turquoise doesn’t so much build, as it rises from the deep. The bubbles rush past the portholes, the engines kick in and send us down to unexplored depths, then we’re floating in a magical abyss of sound. Curious bioluminescent creatures guide us to a destination perhaps, though we’d happily just float around here for as long as we can.

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Our 2018 Advent Calendar is in aid of Julie’s Bicycle, a non-profit that supports the creative industry to take action on climate change. All money raised through Bandcamp sales goes directly to Green Riders, a new campaign that will help will create more sustainable collective practices in the music industry.  If you’re a DJ, artist, venue, promoter or just curious, join the Green Riders campaign here.

More info about Green Riders

The Green Riders campaign will provide tools, resources, and a community for artists and their teams to exchange advice, ideas and experiences, working alongside venues, festivals, labels and promoters to take action on climate change. It will launch in full in 2019, Sign-up on the website to join the campaign and get more information from Julie’s Bicycle.

More info about Julie’s Bicycle

Julie’s Bicycle is a London-based not for profit that supports the global creative community to take action on climate change and the environment. We believe that the creative community is uniquely placed to drive positive change that can transform our world. Founded in 2007 from within the UK music industry, Julie’s Bicycle has established itself as an internationally trusted source of guidance supporting creative businesses to embed environmental sustainability into their work.

Artwork throughout the series is made by Emily Evans.

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