Day 17: Jenifa Mayanja – Steppin

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Operating in the world of underground deep house for over 25 years now, Jenifa Mayanja’s reputation is testament to her impressive portfolio in a terrain she has navigated in a considerably modest fashion.

‘Steppin’ is made up of all the elements that have come to see Mayanja referred to as the “first lady of deep house”. Its assembly makes for a journey inducing ride leaving one in a state of near narcosis. Ascending and descending minor chords acutely contrast a punchy compressed bass line, whilst Mayanja punctuates a main rhythmic focus with decelerated warbles positioned centrally in the mix. Bringing throughout a combination of vocals and almost dissonant piano lines; Mayanja connects the dance floor to the dream world as she plays with the levels of depth and groove in a feat of aural mastery.

Jenifa’s words about the track
“Steppin” is just about letting go and steppin out to have a good time by yourself. I am invoking that excitement from my early days of getting ready to go out to a place where I knew the vibe was going to be on point. I have always been a dancer content to just get into my own zone on the dance floor and just fly. It is not a club thing, it’s about that freedom that you can feel expressing yourself on your own terms on the dance floor. That kind of feeling and that type of place can be hard to find these days that is why the song has a classic old world flavour, but to me the classic feeling never goes out of style.”

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More info about Julie’s Bicycle

Julie’s Bicycle is a London-based not for profit that supports the global creative community to take action on climate change and the environment. We believe that the creative community is uniquely placed to drive positive change that can transform our world. Founded in 2007 from within the UK music industry, Julie’s Bicycle has established itself as an internationally trusted source of guidance supporting creative businesses to embed environmental sustainability into their work.

Artwork throughout the series is made by Emily Evans.

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