Day 15: Jonny Rock – Small World Big Apple

Day 15 of our 2018 charity Advent Calendar, in aid of Julie’s BicycleListen to all this year’s donations.

Jonny Rock, perhaps best known as the pre-eminent aficionado of Turkish psych but dexterous across a broad palette, turns in an ode to the 80s New York sound with ‘Small World, Big Apple’.

A lot is going on here, as if Basquiat had just opened the window to his downtown studio letting the sounds of the street flood in. Crunchy drums, disorientating vocal loops, siren samples, synth bends turned up to 11, and that’s just the intro. The prodigious editor throws in saxophones, steel pans, and a whole host of other elements that all go into the melting pot and bubble up into gold.

Get your skates on and roll with the plucks, stabs and riffs, this one is a ride. Highly recommended for any fans of Big Bear Records.

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Artwork throughout the series is made by Emily Evans.

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