Get Down Early flips traditional lineups on its head, putting the headliner on warm-up duties. 

Marcellus Pittman, Legowelt and Martyn launch new event concept Get Down Early, which invites headliners to warm-up for emerging UK talent. 

Warm-ups are an under-appreciated art. It’s a craft that requires patience, humility and good judgement, but has largely been sidelined by pre-drinks rituals and reduced to the role of appendix rather than a valuable part of a club experience spanning the whole night.

In an attempt to undo a decade-long trend towards peak time culture, Red Bull and Dimensions have come up with a new event concept called Get Down Early. Working on the belief that “every record is important”, it flips traditional lineups by inviting headliners to warm-up before lesser-known names take centre stage.

Tied closely with Dimensions’ DJ Directory programme, it hopes to support a talented roster of emerging talent, while also celebrating the principals behind clubbing institutions like Cosmic Slop and The Loft. Andy Lemay, who came up with  the concept, hopes Get Down Early will encourage dancers to “appreciate every record on the merit of the music, rather than who plays it or at what time.”

The series starts with three dates across London, Bristol and Manchester:
23rd Nov in London: Legowelt warms up for Kiara Scuro
30th Nov in Bristol: Marcellus Pittman warms up for Sam Hall
7th Dec in Glasgow: Martyn warms up for Shy One

Watch Marcellus Pittman go record shopping at Phonica.

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