Premiere: Ian Eccles-Smith – The Slaughtering Eye

Noise in My Head sister label Efficient Space’s latest release sees revered Aussie crate diggers András and Instant Peterson spotlight digitally undocumented and rare gems from Australia’s dance past. Following on from forerunner compilation Midnite Spares, 3AM Spares collects an unknown array of local 12″s, CD-R compilations and the archives of the 3RRRFM radio station (where the pair co-host a weekly radio show). Together they encompass the darker sounds and later nights of the 1990s, ranging from Detroit inspired techno, jazz-tinged house to balearic and ambient. 

Our pick of the bunch is ‘The Slaughtering Eye’ by Ian Eccles-Smith that was originally released in 1991 on the near impossible (unless you have £120 spare) to find Clubbed to Death CD. ‘The Slaughtering Eyes’ lands on the more balearic and lower tempo end of the compilation’s spectrum. Whisking you through hazy bleeps, piano stabs, wistful trumpets and the rare ability to use a guitar tastefully on an electronic record, it sounds like a collaboration between Jose Padilla and Higher Intelligence Agency.

3AM Spares is out 9th November – buy from Bandcamp.

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