Premiere: Eris Drew – Hold Me (T4T Embrace Mix)

There are few tools a producer can reach for more loved than the breakbeat. Looped drum breaks hark back to the birth of dance music. They’re the integral building blocks of tracks, sets, nights, genres, eras and much more besides. Breakbeats assure us that we move within in a continuum.

‘Hold Me (T4T Embrace Mix)’, one Eris Drew entry on the fourth release of Violet‘s Naive imprint, delivers what people love. A blunted break, muffled but muscular, goes to work. It’s cut with a toothsome synth refrain and snatches of helium vocal. Split with close companion Octo Octa, the whole Devotion EP is similarly focussed on boosting dance floor energy. This track’s title implies abandon and submission. Whether that might be to rave tradition, the ‘Motherbeat’ that Drew often invokes or her own safe pair of hands, it all seems immaterial when the beat kicks in.

Devotion EP is out 22nd Oct – buy from Juno and Lobster Records.

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