Premiere: Gallegos – Be Who You Want To Be

I have a tender heart,
And a strong desire to be
Someone who’s shining the light,
I gotta do what’s right for me.

If it weren’t sung in a 90s rave resonance, you’d be forgiven for thinking this message of self-belief and defiance was written especially for an EP that laments Britain’s perilous position in 2018.

This stirring, repeated version is the revitalising force on ‘Be Who You Want To Be’, which leads out the b-side on Gallegos’ debut solo EP, the eight on Banoffee Pies’ original series. Half-speed, breaks-style live drums and panning, aerated synths act as the potent counterpoint. A soapbox for the dance floor from a Bristol producer engaging with his hometown’s yearning for social protest. Who’s gonna jump on and belt it out?

Mad As Hell EP is out 31st October 2018 – buy from Bandcamp.

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