Amp Fiddler and Roy Davis Jr showcase Detroit and Chicago for the second 108 Sessions

In June 2019, Major League Baseball comes to London for the first time with the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees playing a two game series at the London Stadium. As part of a 12-month build-up, MLB have launched a free Sunday quarterly event at Mick’s Garage in East London.

The 108 Sessions gets its name from the 108 stitches in a regulation baseball and celebrates the music culture of American cities and its relationship to London across a day and night programme. Following the July launch with Mister Saturday Night and Peanut Butter Wolf, attention turns to Detroit and Chicago on 7th October with Amp Fiddler and Roy Davis Jr billed for the second session.

As resident for the series, Wildheart founder and Brownswood family Ruby Savage will host a Q&A with both before she warms up for an Amp Fiddler live set and Roy Davis Jr DJ set to finish off.  The independent record store will make a return, selling releases from both cities, and keep an eye out for the next 108 zine curated by Huck.

Attendance is free and guaranteed on a first come first served basis through registration on Resident Advisor. More info on Facebook.

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