Premiere: zOoTiMe – Amazonia

Dutch DJ and producer zOoTiMe hits a double milestone with Movement, both his vinyl debut and the inaugural release of his new label, Moefment. The album is a masterclass in esoterica, ranging through ambient sample-scapes, percussion workouts and psychedelic synth-boogie. All combining downtempo rhythms and cosmic electronics with the kind of new age exoticism popularised by Jan Schulte.

‘Amazonia’ sets the scene with the sounds of tropical birds underpinned by a chugging rhythm section. The organic soundscape occasionally becomes enveloped in reverbs and synth pads, cosmic signifiers that swell and recede like the mystic projections of the Western mind onto this orientalised Amazonian landscape.

Movement LP is out 28th Sep – buy from Juno and Redeye.

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