Monday Morning Mixtape 213

Sail through 1983 Japanese ambient, multi-ethnic Ukranian folk and 1990 Brazilian favela funk.

This mixtape is curated by Norsicaa, a London DJ and Label Manager at Soundway, with a monthly show on Soho Radio. Catch her at Spiritland on 28th September.

In her own words, it “explores the power of music to invoke spirituality and connectivity. It’s hopefully a welcome respite from a world of hyper-consumption and technological noise. It’s designed as an antidote to fake chill music – laden with soulful reflection, hope, and longing.”


Midori Takada – Mr Henri Rousseau’s Dream (excerpt)
Rev James Cleveland – Christ The Redeemer
DakhaBrakha – Kolyskova
Bonga – Mona Ki Ngi Xica
Anyango – Uhiki
Guem Et Zaka Percussion – Foret Vierge
??? [forthcoming on Soundway] Yasuaki Shimizu – Umi No Ue Kara
Lena Platonos – Bloody Shadows From Afar
Astra Nova Orchestra – Soul Sleeper
Anna Domino – Trust, In Love
Morriarchi feat. Violet Springs – Song Bird
Cleo Sol – Why Don’t You
Flying Eagles Gospel Singers – Can’t Run This Race Alone
KG Band – Loving You
Phil Gerus – Voice To Voice Lip To Lip
Região Abissal – Feminina Mulher (Instrumental)
Derek Gripper – Kaira (Peace)
Chet Baker – Almost Blue (Live)

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