Premiere: Pedro & Jenna Camille – Float

There’s a nice story to the debut solo release from Pedro and although we’ve never name-checked a PR representative in a review before, we’re breaking with convention to tell it.

Having previously released music under two different aliases, the Porto producer reached out to Sharon at Shine PR to help spread the word about his first solo EP as Pedro, collaborating with a Washington D.C. vocalist Jenna Camille. An unusual collaboration and modest request, but Sharon quickly realised the merit of what she’d be sent. She went one better and sent it round to suitable labels and began a scramble for his signature that the agile WOLF Music were first to react to.

The five tracks on This Is What I’m Going Through EP shows a maturity in arrangement that’s no doubt been aided by a formal jazz education that both received. ‘Float’ combines the broken beat soul deepness of Dego’s 2000Black output with the live jazz jams of Zeitgeist Freedom Energy exchange. A majestic start together that Wolf must be thankful they got out the blocks first for.

This Is What I’m Going Through is out 20th July – buy from Juno and Phonica.

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