Stamp Mix 101: Flørist

Understated anthem-maker of the Pacific North West, Flørist is the deeper, dubbier counterpart to Pender Street Steppers’ warm and breezy Canadian Riviera sound. Peppered inside his distinctive sound, he turns potentially clichéd ideas 
(see the “Yeah! Woo!” breaks on ‘Marine Drive‘ or the ‘Show Me Love’ sample on ‘Dvote‘) into exciting new tones and rhythms. 
First jumping into our speakers in 2015 on Bake’s All Caps, he’s only put out two more EPs since, on Pacific Rhythm and Ari Goldman‘s World Building. An infrequent producer and even more sporadic mix curator, Stamp Mix 101 sees him taking the harder route through recent finds on his European travels.

Catch Flørist at our 7th Birthday and Rhythm Section collab at Corsica Studios (29th June). He’ll play alongside Luca Lozano, Raphael Top-Secret, Dawit Eklund, Bradley Zero and Carista. 

Hey Logan, thanks for joining us for Stamp Mix 101. How’s your 2018 been going so far?

Hi, thanks for having me. 2018 has been pretty good. Where do I begin? I’ll just say it’s been pretty good.

Could you tell us a bit about your mix?

I recorded this in my friend Silviére’s apartment just the other day while here in Berlin for the week. It’s completely improvised using mostly records I’ve picked up on the road over the past couple weeks and a few I brought with me.

Any tracks you’d like to give a special shout out to?

Shout out to Physical Therapy for generously giving me a few copies of his records. Also the Philus (Mika Vainio) record is insane – he was such a good artist.

What were some of the favourite record shops you’ve visited on your trip this time round? Any colourful characters you’ve met along the way?

I had never been to SpaceHall before this trip, so that was definitely cool to dig around in. Audio In and Sound Metaphors are quite good as well. There were one or two other places I came across some treasures at but I can’t remember the names 😉 Colourful characters… hmmm… well come to think of it there was this group of Glaswegians who took over Renate last weekend!

You’re joining us at Corsica Studios tomorrow for our Rhythm Section collab and 7th Birthday. Staying clear of the age-old “what can we expect” question…do you ever tailor your sets to UK dancer floors, knowing how certain sounds are received here?

In regards to the tailoring… I think I do and I don’t. It really depends on the party. If it’s a good party then it’s a good party and you can play many different sounds and rhythms and music from across your whole collection. That’s what I think is the most fun about parties in the UK, at least the ones I have played. The UK is such a melting pot of styles that it’s fun to try to get out of thinking about playing a particular genre or whatever and really pay attention to playing sounds that are found in seemingly disassociated genres.

What does the rest of the year hold for Flørist releases and activities?

The rest of the year: more remixes and trying to be content with any music of my own I make (I’m getting there). Also putting together a few parties around home this summer. Next one in July I teamed up with Pacific Rhythm to do a big ol’ daytime party with Dane (Common Edit) and Daydreams from Melbourne. That should be pretty bananas. Other than that just DJing and putting together travel plans for the fall.


Self Control – Self (Tasty Mix)
Fruit Loops – Keep on Running
T’N’I – I want to be free (Dub Mix)
Nomad – devotion (Joey Negro mix)
Bandulu – Nomithule (Diamond Cut Mix)
Music Y Espacio – The Issue (Part One)
Herman Orphey – Double Load
Tijn – Silver Lining
Space DJz – B2
Kingdom – Takedown Notice (Neana Bootleg)
Physical Therapy – Lunch Break
Philus – Acidophilus
STL – Heaven’s Vape
Responsible Space Playboys – Jack You Fly Girls
Bam Bam – Spend the Night

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