Self-Portrait: Childsplay

In a world saturated with chin strokers, music elitists and keyboard warriors, it’s refreshing when you stumble across a label or artist who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Childsplay embody just that. The London-based duo, made up of Cherry B and Big Leg, have been throwing regular Haribo-infused soirees and running their ‘childsplay xxxclusives’ series on Soundcloud for the last two years. Their mantra? ‘Be more childish’ and we’re totally living for that.

Since starting out, they’ve built an enviable discography through searching the deep dark corners of Soundcloud for music that deserves some TLC. Beginning as a pay what you want series, it wasn’t until recently that they decided some of the music their friends were sending over needed to be pressed on wax, and so ‘childsplay the label’ became official.

Alongside a mix of 100% unreleased and forthcoming material, the pair chat to us about how they met on a sweaty afternoon in Fabric, why free is the way forward and how, if its sleazy then you’re sorted. One thing’s for sure, Cherry B and Big Leg have a special relationship. But how can a love built on cherry flavoured tonic wine and Weatherspoon fries not be?

Catch Childsplay at The Tower Festival (29th June – 2nd July) alongside Tornado Wallace, DJ Bus Replacement Service and Flørist.

Childsplay is Cherry B and Big Leg. Can you tell us a bit about how you guys met and your journey to becoming a record label? What’s the philosophy behind it?

Big Leg: We first locked eyes across the dance floor of Fabric one sweaty and sleazy Sunday afternoon. ‘Big Fun’ from the speakers, love in the air. After Cherry B poured Tabasco over our fries without asking on our first date at the Queen Mary ‘spoons, I knew it was meant to be. He was the last piece of the puzzle for me. I had been noticing a serious epidemic of too much seriousness on dance floors and I knew he was the one to help me put an end to the madness.

Cherry B: There was a lot of dance floors lacking a lot of sleaze. There still is but we’re doing our best to ensure everyone can get their desired dose of sleaze on a night out. We initially got together to rectify the situation by throwing parties, initially under Italian restaurants and more recently a prom in a warehouse – but realised the people need sleaze at all times of the day, so we started a weekly  ‘childsplay xxxclusives’ series of free downloads on our Soundcloud. Recently we’ve been releasing stuff on vinyl, so I guess we’re a record label now.

Big Leg: We try not to think about it too much, but if there was a philosophy it’s that we just want everyone to understand that there’s something synthy and sleazy for you in every genre and you can get synthy and sleazy to all of it at all times.

Cherry B: Everyone wants to taste the rainbow but is quick to forget that the rainbow is made up of seven different colours you know.

Is childsplay more of a family affair or are you looking far and wide for potential releases? What’s your approach to A&R?

Big Leg: Well from our releases so far Cherry B actually did meet Louie From The Club in the club.

Cherry B: He had a really nice moustache.

Big Leg: And I met our mate Fede, who is responsible for our next release, after two days too lost in the sauce. He was actually one of the turning points of the weekend that made me want to feel like a person again, a true guardian angel of my evening.

Cherry B: So far our vinyl releases have come from friends, but at the end of the day if it’s juicy it’s juicy amirite? A lot of our upcoming releases were the fruits of long evenings on Soundcloud, and a lot get sent in. It doesn’t really matter where they come from, but we always make sure all of our releases come from artists who haven’t been given the TLC they deserve, rather than artists who are already appreciated. If you’re reading this and you’ve got something for the kids and are in need of TLC drop a line @ bbz xxx

As a younger label, are there any labels that you look up to or have inspired you along the way?

Intangible Records & Soundworks, Sleeping Bag Records, 1080p and No Limit Records.

Childplays’ Bandcamp you have a lot of free and pay what you want releases (Tip). What’s the story behind these?

Big Leg: Not many people have anything to look forward to in the week bar the weekend, but here at childsplay we are firm believers that every day is a holiday, so we’ve been searching the depths of Soundcloud for the fruitiest cuts to give to the people every Thursday since we started. In terms of the price, time is money, so why make people spend both??

Cherry B: The last time I paid for music digitally was when I went in on Green Day’s discography after my mum gave me a $10 iTunes gift card for my tenth bday. If it’s not free and I don’t know if I want it on wax I’m heading to Soulseek, and if it’s not there I’m looking for something that is. It’s safe to say that most people our age have the same mentality, so rather than forcing people to buy our music online we use the digital side of things to allow as many people as possible to enjoy as much music as they possibly can. If they dig it and they have the money, they can donate, if not it’s another person who knows what we’re about and wants to come back for more.

Since starting childsplay what has been the greatest difficulty you’ve had to overcome?

Big Leg: Well, we sent a letter expressing our love for, and desire to be sponsored by, Cherry B (specifically their parent company, Accolade Wines) a while ago. We literally had a Cherry B only bar at one of our last nights. Cherry B Libre, Tropical Cherry B Rum Punch, Cherry B on ice… FFS Cherry B named himself after it you know? We’re still waiting on a response. It’s a big company, but like, six months is deep you know. Broke us down for a while, but we found an off license on Stoke Newington Road that sells them for 95p each so e’re staying strong until we get a response.

Cherry B: I would like to add that we used to give out Haribo’s at our monthly soirees at Ridley Road Market Bar – before we got banned – but there’s a fair few of our friends who don’t indulge in animal products so we’ve had to completely change the game plan. We’ve been delving into handing out assorted fruits at our monthly Sunday playdate at Grow Tottenham – next one June 24th be there or be square. Any other suggestions are welcome we’re trying to be the best version of ourselves with every passing day.

What’s coming up on the label? Any releases we should know about?

Big Leg: There’s an aquatic electro excursion coming at you soon, keep your ears to the streets for more info… although most of it’s in the mix to be fair.

Cherry B: Yeah like everything on the mix is pretty peng and coming out soon. Hold tight.

You’ve had a monthly slot on Netil Radio for a little while now. Does the same fun, carefree philosophy run through each show?

Big Leg: I wouldn’t exactly say carefree, we take it pretty seriously. I knighted Cherry B on air with a flute the other week which I hope inspired children that if they dream big, anything can happen. You don’t need a queen to feel proud about your achievements.

Cherry B: We used to have the shows the morning after our Thursday evening soirees, and always forget to invite people down to the show beforehand, so most of our guests have just been our mates who play nice music, have a USB on their keychain, and rolled through from the night before in varying states of mental stability. It’s more of a televised jam than us planning anything out, but now I’ve broken my leg on a pennyboard and Big Leg’s graduated you might actually see a cohesive mix in the near future.

Big Leg: Watch this space.

Cherry B: A tip for all aspiring DJs and radio hosts, have the right snacks in the booth. With White Zinfandel and Baba Ganoush behind the decks it’s always going to be a vibe.

This mix is comprised of 100% original Childsplay material. Could you tell us a bit about it? Any tracks that are particularly special to you?

Big Leg: I mean, every single one of them is special to us in it’s own way, but shout out to Hello Kitty Face Twerk for the best title.

Cherry B: When your musical philosophy is anything synthy and sleazy, you’re inevitably going to have a lot to work with. The idea behind the mix is the same idea behind the label, we want to break down people’s preconceived notions of what they like and what genres can go with what genres. At the end of the day if it’s sleazy you’re sorted.

Anything on the horizon you guys are excited about?

Big Leg: I just got all nine seasons of X Files on DVD for my birthday so I’m pretty gassed about that.

Cherry B: Oh yeah we’re playing two sets at Tower Festival end of this month, one inside a giant vagina.

Big Leg: Literally.

Cherry B: If you wanna jam, catch us at Tower or just slide into our dms.

Big Leg: Anytime.

Catch Childsplay at The Tower Festival (29th June – 2nd July) alongside Tornado Wallace, DJ Bus Replacement Service and Flørist.


Manuel Darquart – Coasting
Comfort Zone – Vantage Point
D. Tyrone – Just The Way I Feel
Blair Sound Design – Spirits (Dry Martini Mix)
Blo – Underwater
E. Davd – Wavestation
Ciggy De La Noche – Boogie Boarding
Turk Turkelton – Afterlife
Supa Unleaded – 139 Flex
Toni Moralez – Her Neck Her Back
Toni Moralez – Evry Time
Young Spice – Chrome Life
Comfort Zone – Never Felt (Irregular Mixxx)
Yung Db – Hellokittyfacetwerk (Toni Moralez Mix)
Dj Dr-660 – Space Bitch
God69 – Jk42

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