Stamp Mix #98: Waajeed

Raised in Detroit’s Conant Gardens, the birthplace of soul driven hip-hop, Robert O’Bryant IV can’t hide from his intrinsic relationship with music and no does he want to. His father’s record collection taught him about Roy Ayers, Funkadelic and Kraftwerk, while his technical know-how in the studio and booth was all self-taught in his school years. In a city that’s birthed Motown, J Dilla and Underground Resistance, Waajeed tries to channel all three into his own label DIRT TECH RECK, productions and feel good DJ sets.  Above all, he embraces the positive energy that’s thrown his way and reciprocates two-fold. In a rare recorded mix, he samples some of that attitude across a joyous one hour.

Waajeed – Mother EP is out in March on Planet E – buy from Juno and Redeye.

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