Premiere: Sports Casual – A Higher Place

Mysterious newcomer, going by the alias Sports Casual, has dropped a three track debut EP A Higher Place that is nothing short of otherworldly.

The release is packed with twists and turns, from sounds of the rain forest and distant echoes of 90s breaks, to the more progressive sounds of a low-key alien invasion. Though dynamic and rebellious, all this is achieved whilst capturing a melancholic aura that glows through every track, giving it that extra ambient edge.

At first listen, the title track is reminiscent of the golden age of rave, with breaks akin to Orbital’s infamous ‘Are We Here’. But as the it progress, a different narrative emerges; one that sets the scene for a more natural, global setting. Pan flutes taking centre stage and distant sounds of bird calls are accompanied by a heady bass and a demanding reverberating snare. The combination gels into a captivating, punchy number that mellows the tone while keeping the constant flow of a vibrant pulsing beat. We hear this one’s been a long time in the making. Please don’t make it so long til the next one, Mr/Mrs Casual. 

A Higher Place is out 19th March – buy from Juno and Phonica

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