Premiere: Liem & Eddie Ness – Fujiayama

Hot on the heels of last year’s rapturous Space Drum Meditation cassette, Liem and Eddie Ness have once again pitted themselves head to head for a collaborative offering.

The abundance of material offered up by the enigmatic pair hasn’t seen them forsake quality for quantity as they return with their trademark immersive, dub-inflected sound on ‘Fujiyama’, their contribution to a VA EP on Banoffee Pies.

It’s subtle and percussion-led, with a skittering, motorik groove that gains confidence, revealing more of itself as it progresses. A dreamy, off-kilter synth somehow manages to occupy sub-aquatic Drexciyan landscapes and deep space simultaneously, anchored to reality by the faultless drum programming. Frenetic warbles of bass add just the right amount of grit to the equation, and make it clear that ‘Fujiyama’ is just as suited for those sunrise sessions of summers gone by as it is for home listening.

Rivershells will be released on 9th February. Cop yours on Banoffee pies Bandcamp

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