Premiere: Big Miz – Hammond Groove

Big Miz returns with a fourth release for Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, this time in the form of his debut double LP, titled ‘Build/Destroy’. Ignoring the usual construct in dance albums of contrasting club tracks with down-tempo sections, he instead fills both records with back-to-back peak-time house cuts. It’s a risky strategy, but one that pays off as he holds the listener’s interest through a dynamic combination of styles and influences. From the bassline-driven disco house of opener, ‘Straight Thru Cru’, through the spooky retro sci-fi stylings of ‘Exchange With an Alien’, to the 90s hoovers of ‘Gear Tension’, each track retains his synth-heavy signature.

‘Hammond Groove’ has a distinctly 80s feel, with a bassline reminiscent of Steve Hurley punctuated by Italo synth stabs and hints of acid. He layers his own brand of characteristically twisted vocal-work, which can be heard in earlier works like ‘Break The Law’.

Build/Destroy will be out on 26 January. Pre order your copy.

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