Premiere: Grant – Scatered Knowledge

The highly allusive and immensely popular Grant is back with his second LP, Perception.

Back in 2014, the anonymous producer dropped a string of releases on his own label, The Lauren Bacall, including his debut LP, The Acrobat. Since then Grant has garnered a dedicated following and cultivated much discussion around his identity, fuelled further by his clear ability behind a mixing desk.

According to the new label, Duke’s Distribution (also run by Grant), Perception will be “much more US house-influenced, with a Chicago kind of vibe.” What is self-evident is the slight transition from the more lo-fi style of things found on The Acrobat into what he accurately describes as a more clean, referential quality found on house records from the early 90s.

For our premiere we’ve taken ‘Scatered Knowledge’ [sic]. Admittedly it features a cheesy voiceover – with odes of house nationhood – but it perches flush within a steadily swung deep house roller, embellished with the sorts slightly detuned synth sounds Grant has carried with him since his early release. Likewise, the production features drums placed so neatly they could only have come from a seasoned craftsman. Grant will do very well with this smooth-as-anything deep house LP, and is clearly a person with tact, knowing how to change sound without changing goal posts, building neatly on his output rather than truncating it.

Perception is out first week of November – buy from Juno and Phonica.

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