Premiere: Joe Morris – Jacaranda Skies

As sure as day will turn into night and Freddo chocolate bars will continue to get smaller the older you get, the British summer must disappear into Autumn as swiftly as a gelato in the mid-summer Formentera heat. The floral shirts are packed away and the nightly sessions sat on the shore watching the sunset have merged into one hazy memory. 

Since their debut and much like sister label KM, Pleasure Unit Records have released a slow burn of rich and wistful tunes that could have been made with the sole purpose of sound tracking this sweetly melancholic time of year.

With Joe Morris’ ‘Jacaranda Skies’ we’re precisely in the zone. Sounding like a lost Don Carlos record, it’s the half remembered sound of cicadas in the trees, visions of expansive azure panoramas and the feel of a warm summer breeze on your skin. The air may be cooling and the sun setting a little earlier, but it’s still setting and it still looks glorious…

Jacaranda Skies is coming soon and is available for preorder.

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