Premiere: Waajeed – Kingdom

Waajeed is on a mission to “put the paint where it ain’t”. Gravitating away from his beginnings producing hip-hop instrumentals, the seasoned Detroit-er is plying his hand to one of the city’s most recognisable exports – house music. Following up the infectious stomping summertime Shango EP, Waajeed brings us Through it All on his own label Dirt Tech Reck.

Over the course of three tracks, Waajeed explores the less-is-more approach prevalent in Detroit house music. Often characterised by breaking samples down into “soulful bricks” and building tracks from the ground up, ‘Kingdom’, the final track on the EP, exemplifies this musical approach.

It serves as a dramatic finale, an emphatic close. A soaring, melancholic vocal is the track’s centrepiece, it’s deployment dominant, lasting the duration. The vocals are reinforced by emotive block piano chords and playful drum programming, underlined by a subtle kick. As the curtains close on ‘Through it All’ we’re left with a simple vocal and piano melody; an inescapable throwback to the original music that has shaped Detroit. ‘Kingdom’ is a clear endpoint to an EP which, thanks to Waajeed’s conscientious approach, ebbs and flows effortlessly.

Through It All is available on vinyl from today with the digital release out on 6th October.

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