Premiere: Dear Earth – Saw You

Not much is known about Dear Earth except for his reputation as a star voyager and an apparent affinity for earth girls. One thing we are sure of however, is Earth’s musical ear. Soon to drop his Gone Solid Gone EP on London label Wholemeal Music, his influences in jazz, beats and sample based music is clear to hear in his wonderful galactic-filtered creations.

We’re pleased to be able to share with you today one of our favourites, ‘Saw You’, a story of one of his travels to his favourite planet. As if landing in place of unnerving unfamiliarity, Earth imports you to a world in a perfect state of imbalance (sounds accurate) where brassy bass and off-kilter drums govern the mood, reminding of Jai Paul and Tirzah. Bell and block percussion add activity, progressively creeping into the foreground a layer at a time;  all the while an other-worldly organ whirrs in arpeggios, adding an almost sinister edge in the background. Everything seems to change as the track approaches half way however. Earth beds in a heavy groove of kick and snare as he arrives at a place of calm and contentment, introducing the main vocal hook. On closer listening to the lyrics, his serenade is sadly an absent one, making for a bittersweet end to an enchanting musical journey.

Sone Solid Gone EP is released 20th September via Wholemeal Music and will be available on both vinyl and digital formats. Head to Wholemeal’s Bandcamp page to get your preorder now.

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