Premiere: Raymond Castoldi – Feel the Rhythm

X-Ray Records is a label at the top of the pile for many when they think of early 90s New York deep house. Its first release of smooth, organ-led productions was in the golden year of 1992, and many struggle to rank their favourite of the six records they put out from Raymond Castoldi, the organist of Madison Square Garden since 1989. For him, his records from 1992-1994 are but a blip on his long withstanding career.

Now disconnected from a movement he was once apart of, how strange it must be for him that twenty-three years later, his records are being collated and reissued on Kalahari Oyster Cult, a label still only in its first year of releases. Somehow, house music is still relevant and his productions are still finding their way into packed clubs (and will surely do so a lot more now that they’re being remastered and reissued).

Our choice for a premiere is ‘Feel The Rhythm’ off of Symbiosis, originally the A1 of three cuts all in a similar vein, paired with a B1 remixed by fellow New Yorker, Joe Turri, who has put out his fair share of sought after NY House. Symbiosis features some of the finest organ work from Raymond as well as his finest production augmentations, but don’t forget to check out the rest of the compilation, which features the hits of X-Ray Records as well as a couple of lesser-known tracks from Raymond’s feature on Strictly Rhythm.

Raymond Castoldi ‎– X-Ray Records 1992-1994 is out 15th July – buy from Juno and Redeye.

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