Dimensions Festival launch label with an expansive 3EP compilation


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Within it’s six years of operation, Dimensions has not only positioned it’s feet firmly under the metaphorical table, but ascended and circled it a few times, accumulating opulence along the way. Today it adds to its powerful portfolio a new musical venture in its very own label imprint, complimenting current exports of an annual festival, International Series, DJ Directory and DJ collective Dimensions Soundsystem.

To mark the the launch of Dimensions Recordings headed up by Andy Lemay and David Martin, the label present an expansive compilation of twelve tracks across three discs; boasting music from the likes of Byron The Aquarius, Mim Suleiman, James Tilman, London Modular Alliance and DJ Aakmael to name a few. Just as we have come to expect from Dimensions outlets, the compilation represents an eclectic musical taste, whether new or established it’s simply what they love; giving a suitable introduction of what we can come to expect in future releases. Stay tuned for much more.

“Dimensions Recordings: An Introduction” is released 14th July on vinyl with digital to follow.

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