Premiere: Hugo Gerani – M-U-S-I-C Take You No Bro

Perth based Hugo Gerani (aka John Tanner) has been prominent force in highlighting some of the creativity in Western Australian. Having released previously tougher productions on local label Good Company, balearic, psychedelic excursions on Aficionado and Not Not Fun as Eleventeen Eston, the new age collaboration Wilson Tanner with Andras Fox on Growing Bin and the psychedelic rock of his  alias, John has shown a broad range of production skills across only a handful of releases.

Gerani’s first release for 2017, Esplore EP, comes from another Perth Based label Cosi Cosi Records. Since debuting in July last year and have boasted releases from other fellow Australian’s across the state borders such Melbourne’s talented Dan White and Perth locals Czechowski and Jay Staples.

Today we premier a highlight of the new record, elegantly titled ‘M-U-S-I-C Take You No Bro’, a beautiful jam through odd conversational field recordings, ocean ambience, hypnotising pads and swells that layer themselves progressively with melodies that wispily flutter in and out as they please. The sounds are greatly reminiscent to Tanner’s previous records but albeit to much greater club context. Fans of Andras Fox’s effort on Superconscious and other left field wonkiness a la Freakout Cult will find similarities to enjoy here (preferably at a beach, which the record seems to quietly advise).

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