Batida’s Portugal music guide: from Luanda cult singers to the Lisbon underground


With roots in Angola, Portuguese sensation Pedro Coquenão – a.k.a Batida – he has a deep sense of his country’s musical heritage, and the impact its ex-colonies have had on its contemporary melting pot sound. Before a rare appearance in the London this weekend, Batida picks out some tracks that sum up this diversity, from Luanda cult singers in the 70s to the four-to-the-floor underground sound of Lisbon.

Batida plays Kartel in London (12th May), alongside Esa, NKC and Tash_LC.

Sofia Rosa – Kalumba

I have this vinyl and was just amazed to know it is available on Spotify so you can easily hear it too. Very special and inspiring artist from the golden age of Angolan music.

Batida – Pobre e Rico

One third self promotion. One other as tribute to Matadidi Mario and another to be able to refer to and thank Sarah Maldoror for inspiring me with such an eloquent sentence on her movie Sambizanga: “There are no blacks, whites or mulatos. What you have is poor and rich”.  100% product placement.

Heróis Do Mar – Cachopa

Yep. This was my favourite track at some point in my life, when I was in t grade. Made me dance, fall in love (kind of), not giving importance to the fact they were also teasing everyone with aesthetic references to pre pre colonial period.

Spoek Mathamo, DJ Spoko, DJ Mujava, Pegasus Warning & Machepis – The Mountain

I have been playing this track for some time but now it is featured on the new Spoek Mathambo album. It is just my way to make you want to hear the rest.

José Afonso – Galinhas do Mato

Talking about South Africa… Key artist from Portugal. Strongly associated to the April Revolution and the recurrent soundtrack to everything associated to that period, even though he is more than that.

Octo Push – Cueca

One of my favorite bands in Portugal in such a great collab with local jazz legend Maria João.

Karlon – Fadiga Ku Kuzê

How is this guy not being invited to every festival that likes to promote this narrative of old meets new, urban meets traditional southern hemispheres, whatever that is? Maybe because no one knows this rap legend from Portugal. Now you can. Portugal? Yes. The sound is mostly from Cape Verde.

Megafone – No Fim da Noite

About the new sound of Portugal, a late 90’s favorite. Rarely credited. I think it is essential.

Underground Sound of Lisbon

Still on the Lisbon sound, this duo has to be mentioned. If you want a 90’s four-to-the-floor Lisbon set, challenge Rui Da Silva. He was part of it and he is a Londoner now.

Pop Dell’Arte – Querelle

Later, puberty. On a very late tv show, this band caught my eye and made me dance too. #popoff

DJ Soul Slinger, Chico Science & Nação Zumbi – Maracatu Atomica

Nostalgia. Maybe my favorite band from Brazil. Just keeping on the Spotify flow.

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