Premiere: Loure – In The Evenings

After we presented the debut track of Melbourne-based producer Loure in our 2016 Advent Calendar, he now follows up with a first EP release on French label Noire & Blanche. Written and produced on the inner skirts of Melbourne’s western suburbs, Westside Movements takes influence from current cultural movements gracing the abandoned warehouses and disused buildings that occupy the banks of the Maribyrnong River. Crafting his sound from a range of musical inputs, he delivers a refreshing, jazz-fuelled take on deep house in this record.

‘In The Evenings’ finds fortune in finesse as the most stripped-back track on the record, owing more to jazz than the deep house tradition that features heavily on the other three tracks. Delicate keys and a sombre solo trumpet introduce before a timely pause. As a background of dashing, light-touch cymbals builds, vivid layers of trumpets assemble with intricate, vibrant flutters overlaying a fuller, darker melody. Rich with metallic brilliance, this young man’s sound is one to watch.

Westside Movements EP is released 24th April on Noire & Blanche, including a remix from Hidden Spheres. Buy from Bandcamp.

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