Premiere: Mr ID feat. Kawtar Sadik – Salat Ala Nabina

As an unashamed proponent of gnawa music, other North African iterations and its permeation in dance music, when Cervo is falling over himself to get hold of a track we’re inclined to pay attention. The Banana Hill resident recently launched their label with two edits focussing on this region of the world so the recommendation came with good authority.

Indeed much of our recent interaction with the music of Morocco has been sourced from outside the country, so it’s a welcome change for Offering Records to look at local talent Mr ID for their next release. The label was launched in 2007 by Boddhi Satva, and links up with the Casablanca-based producer for the first time, following releases on Kingdom Kome Kuts and Latin Lovers Records last year. While gnawa is invariably led by a male voice, Mr ID looks to the softer female tones of Kawtar Sadik, while still retaining traditional sounds of the gimbri (bass) and krakebs (handheld symbols). An arresting piece of music showing the energy of contemporary Moroccan dance music.

Salat Ala Nabina EP is out 21st April – buy from Beatport.

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