Premiere: Sanza – Sounouh

With Salon des Amateurs as its centrepiece, there are a number of DJs in Dusseldorf who dine on a more outsider sound than German dance music has come to be famous for in recent years. Alongside Lena Wilikens, Vladimir Ivkovic and Toulouse Low Trax, Jan Schulte a.k.a Wolf Müller is one of the architects and for his next project he keeps it local but peripheral at the same time.

Tropical Drums of Deutschland does a pretty good job at describing what’s inside; a compilation curate by Schulte and released by Danish label Music For Dreams, that pin-points bands from the late 80s that fused avant-garde jazz with an outward-looking perspective on folk music. The forest holds a certain mythical status in romantic German literature and even the country’s wider identity, but Schulte breaks from this by introducing this imagined tropical element. Austrian band Sanza are symbolic of this otherworldly botanical vision, whose song ‘Sounouh’ was first released on their self-titled 1990 album and blurs the line between German folk and traditional music from any number of countries that lie on the tropics.

Tropical Drums of Deutschland is released 19th April on Music For Dreams – buy from Sounds of the Universe or Juno.

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