Helena Hauff’s favourite record sleeves

In addition to releasing an array of music in recent years, working closely with the Werk Discs label, Helena Hauff has become one of the most in demand DJs and an important inspiration for experimental dancefloor techniques. Kicking off from a young age with a lengthy residency at Hamburg’s Golden Pudel club, a typical Hauff set displays an anything goes kind of attitude and will not fail to offer some eye-opening education into the realms of rugged industrial electro, snappy techno and eccentric German punk collectively spiralling the emotions of the listener. When it comes to record sleeves, Helena’s attitude is rather indifferent, admitting “as a DJ I tend to throw covers away, they take up too much space in the record bag.” Nonetheless, she still appreciates good visuals and for her own album art, the principle is simple: “I just work with people I like and if they come up with something that looks cool, that’s good enough for me.” With a tongue-in-cheek approach, here she picks five favourite sleeves with a playlist of her favourite track on each. 

Helena Hauff plays Gottwood Festival 2017 (8th-11th June).

Aphex Twin ‎– Windowlicker (Warp Records, 1999)
Favourite track

Still weird after all these years!

Aphex Twin ‎– Windowlicker

Unit Moebius / Polygamy Boys ‎– The Sixth Reich Pax Amerikkkana (Bunker Records, 2003)
Favourite track

Well, mmh, what can I say to this? Subtle or what? I think it’s a critique of corporate America or something. Not sure though.

Unit Moebius : Polygamy Boys ‎– The Sixth Reich Pax Amerikkkana

Andreas Gehm Aka Elec Pt.1 ‎– Black Pukee (Solar One Music, 2013)
Favourite track

Probably my favourite. The late Andreas Gehm, what a great guy he was with a fantastic sense of humour. Brilliant music as well!

andreas Gehm

The Jimi Hendrix Experience ‎– Electric Ladyland (Part 1) (Track Record, 1968)
Favourite track

Nice painting of Jimi and his friends on some kind of weird space tank type thing. It’s even got the Mekon on the back!

The Jimi Hendrix Experience ‎– Electric Ladyland (Part 1)

Sleaford Mods ‎– Wank (Deadly Beefburger Records, 2012)
Favourite track

Reminds me of so many good times in England. Love all of the tracks on here but the ‘Shit Streets Runny’ has got my favourite lyric ever on there: “I’m cynical mate, yeah bitter. I post ‘orrible messages to successful musicians on me smartphone, fuckin twitter.”

Sleaford Mods ‎– Wank

Honorable mention: Emerson, Lake & Palmer ‎– Tarkus (Cotillion, 1971)

Shockingly bad album. Don’t like any of it, but it had to be in the list as it’s the first cover I ever noticed and thought looked cool. We had it at home, one of the five albums we had. I always put this at the front of the stack, but my mother preferred the look of that stupid violin album with the violin on the cover that I forgot the name of, and kept on putting that one back at the front.

Emerson, Lake & Palmer ‎– Tarkus

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