Project Pablo’s favourite record sleeves

Through the music he’s released as a producer and label head for ASL Singles Club and SOBO, there’s often been a clear acknowledgement to the viewer as well as the listener in Project Pablo’s work, through striking visuals awash with colour and character. The latest visuals accompanying his new EP for Ninja Tune’s Technicolour departs from the lo-fi, often light-hearted approach and offers up something wholly more abstract. Whatever the style, he’s clearly a guy with art in his heart, so we quizzed him on his favourite record sleeves.

Dave Angel – Tales of the Unexpected (Blunted)
Track: ‘Timeless

Was a tough choice between this sleeve and his Original Man artwork. Both walk a thin line of cheesiness, resulting in something that is so pure. When opening the gatefold it all makes sense.

Homeshake – In The Shower (Sinderlyn)
Track: ‘Okay

Love Peter’s music and Salina’s artwork. Picked up this record from Pete when I first moved to Montreal and we were neighbours. Listened to it many times while cleaning in the early mornings at the Arbutus office. 

Dices + AEM Rhythm Cascade – Thoughtstream (12th Isle)
Track: ‘Pacific

Was truly taken aback when I received this record in the mail. I had no idea it was printed with metallic ink making the colour of the sleeve and label so punchy. My pal Sasha showed me the amazing tunes of Dices and this sleeve seamlessly complimented the record. I was in conversation with Dices aka Untitled Gear at this point already, which made it all the more exciting to get their 12 out on SOBO.

UB40 – Earth Dies Screaming (Graduate Records)
Track: ‘The Earth Dies Screaming

I once asked the clerk in Eldica (in Dalston) if they had any UB40 records kicking about, and he replied, “we don’t carry that shite here”. It always stuck with me. I really liked this track and its artwork, and wouldn’t give up looking for it. 

Photek – Solaris (Science)
Track: ‘Can’t Come Down

Perfect album, perfect sleeve.

Project Pablo’s Hope You’re Well EP is out now on Ninja Tune offshoot Technicolour – buy here.

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